We’re proud to announce a major update today for our Chrome, Outlook and Word integrations with Bullhorn.

It’s been just over two years since we launched Ebsta to help Bullhorn users view, edit and update Bullhorn more frequently. Bullhorn S Release launched last year, combining higher processing speeds with a streamlined interface. With Ebsta providing a pocket-sized Bullhorn on screen as you browse profiles in Linkedin, resumes on job boards and emails within Outlook, it was only natural to replicate these improvements to bring consistency on our side.

The team here have worked very hard to produce a clean and up to date user interface. In addition a lot of work has gone into updating the way the Ebsta and Bullhorn systems communicate with each other to bring greater speed, efficiency and reliability to our many hundreds of shared customers.

Here’s a quick overview of what we have been working on:

New Ebsta bar

Ebsta’s new Bar will give you a snapshot of related Bullhorn records as you browse LinkedIn, job boards and emails, so you can work faster with immediate insight into Contacts and Candidates without opening the Ebsta bubble.



New User Interface

Ebsta’s bubble now includes a fresh look and feel.



Improved Login Process

Ebsta now supports Bullhorn new OAuth login so you can now enjoy improved speed and performance (as well as only having to remember one password!).





Daniel Remedios

I'm the Senior Product Manager at Ebsta responsible for product strategy, and key account management in EMEA. I'm always interested in getting feedback from our users, so feel free to email me on daniel@ebsta.com with your comments.

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