Finding a premium boutique is hard enough, finding a premium staffing boutique is even harder. Katie Warnock saw the gap in the market and created Staffing Boutique, Inc, a recruitment firm that provided staff in the non-profit sector. With passion, drive and a huge level of skill, she speaks exclusively to Ebsta about her journey helping the non-profit industry.

You provide one-on-one career coaching, what is the number one piece of advice that you would give to someone that is looking for a career change?

The number one piece of advice I tell everyone is to be realistic; apply for jobs that require similar skills to what you have done in the past and fundamentally, what you are good at. I see far too many job seekers that don’t do this and unfortunately, in 1 year, they are in the same spot.

What made you decide to focus on the Non-Profits sector?

After college, I started doing recruiting for investment banking. I found it horrible; very cut throat with very long hours. Within 3 months, I had learned enough about recruiting to move to a firm that only dealt with non-profits and I instantly fell in love with the industry. It was a completely different culture and still is. I get to learn, volunteer, and go to events of amazing organizations that I would never have heard of if I wasn’t in this industry and that was 11 years ago!

How has technology helped the Non-Profit industry grow?

The key to a successful Non-Profit is their donor database. Every successful organization has an extreme integrity for their database because it helps achieve tracking, targeting, reporting, and prospecting new donors to hit fundraising goals so having a concrete database and the technology to go with it is imperative to the Non-Profit industry.

How has the type of roles that you recruit for developed since Staffing Boutique first began?

The focus on jobs in education has been a very specific niche that has tripled in size since I founded Staffing Boutique, Inc. in 2011. The demand for strong educators in urban communities is extremely competitive at this point, and I love it!

How has CRM revolutionised your recruitment process?

I am nothing without my database – it keeps me organized in every possible way. The notes that I keep on every client and candidate have made me successful, and I am glad I recognized how important that was so early on in my career.

What issues were you trying to solve before you purchased Ebsta?

Data entry on candidate records is extremely hard to keep up with, especially with high volume temp recruitment. Once I purchased Ebsta, it doubled my ability to work hard and keep my database extremely clean which helped me recruit more and more candidates!

Which Ebsta features do you find most valuable and why?

The key feature is Ebsta for Outlook. It tells me right away if a candidate emailing me has emailed me already, and then if not, I upload their resume so I have created a file on them with 2 clicks which means my productivity has gone through the roof! It’s simple, easy and effective.

Have you seen an increase in your productivity levels since using our tool and if so, has there then been an increase in the amount of candidates that you have placed?

Absolutely, it’s safe to say I have doubled my company since purchasing the product and placed far more candidates.

The Importance of True Visionaries

Staffing Boutique works exclusively with true visionaries and here at Ebsta, we are in full support. The non-profit industry is continuously impacting the world and their footprint is becoming bigger and bigger as more companies jump on-board to staff, support and help them in any way possible. From accurate data in Bullhorn to sourcing the right candidates, we, too, have the tools to make a difference.

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