CV-Library integration for Bullhorn

Brooke brilliantly talks through the CV-Library integration with Bullhorn, giving you brilliant examples from the job board and how to use Ebsta efficiently.
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Hi guys, I’m Brooke from Ebsta, today I’m gonna be showing you a little bit more about job boards integration specifically on CV-Library now we actually work with the big job boards. Before I kinda dive in, I wanna give you guys a reason as to why we came out with a Job Boards Integrations. I see you guys spending so much money on job boards in recruitment, you know you can’t do without them and the problem we found those that there’s lots of duplicates being made, duplicate credits are being spent on a same candidates for example. We also notice that we got recruiters stepping on other people’s toes because they’re not sure whether someone’s already dealing with someone or not; because obviously they search on CV-Library and not letting you know in Bullhorn. You’ve also got to manually help these people from places like CV-Library into Bullhorn and it’s a manual process. On top of all of that, there’s no more audit trail. And someone can jump into Bullhorn and if there’s no source your kinda none the wiser, unable to see where that candidate’s coming from which is important information.

Let me jump in.

So, I’ve done a vague search here for someone here in Marketing. And we’re gonna go in here, with Josh. And what you can see as soon as you hit the profile here on CV-Library this blue box drops into the screen and it’s telling us that all of the Bullhorn have ran a background search and not found anyone in Bullhorn for Joshua Rocha. So now, when I click on Ebsta what we’ll see is that we have pulled out the information straight from the job board. I can now click save. Add as New. And I’ve just created a new candidate record right from CV-Library back into Bullhorn. I can now go ahead and perform my Bullhorn activities, so I can add a note. I can add a tearsheet. I can even place in vacancy or write from a CV-Library. Again you can search in as many job boards as you want and if you are interested take a look at Ebsta and please do sign up for a free trial below the link below and yeah looking forward to speaking to you in more detail about Ebsta’s Job Board Integrations.

Thanks so much!

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