We are proud to announce that we have launched our brand new Ebsta for Bullhorn website! It goes hand in hand with our updated Ebsta for Bullhorn tools that we will be raving about very soon. Stay tuned to the Ebsta channel.

The Changes

Our new website launches our three updated tools – Ebsta for Chrome, Ebsta for Outlook and Ebsta for Microsoft Word. All three can revolutionise your working life by increasing your productivity and ensuring you find the best candidates for the best roles. Soon enough, you’ll be the best recruiter in town.

Read All About It

If you’re wanting a deeper insight into the Ebsta for Bullhorn brand, find a quiet space, grab a coffee and settle down to our blog. It’s divided into three different sections: Company News, Community and Product.

For all information on launches, announcements and events, our Company News page is ready to reveal all to you.

Our community section will feature our customer success stories from Ebsta for Bullhorn users across the globe. Discover why they use and trust in Ebsta and you’ll be rushing to try it out for yourself.

You’ll find all product releases and developments on our Product page so be sure to check them out and keep yourself up to date!

We’ll also add all our very best tips and advice for useful apps, marketing and social media so we’ll be your first pit stop to recruitment success.

Team Ebsta for Bullhorn

Our Ebsta for Bullhorn team has recently grown so we now have an A star team at your service. We have Brooke Weinberg (Head of Sales), Amar Resic (Lead Bullhorn Developer), Katrina Holmes (Marketing), Daniel Remedios (Product Manager), our CTO and Co-Founder Zac Roberts and our CEO and Co-Founder Guy Rubin. They’d all love to hear from you so whenever you have a question, need help or simply want to chat about Ebsta greatness feel free to give them a call.

We hope you enjoy checking out our brand new site, reading our blogs and being Bullhorn brilliant. Grab the bull by the horn and be better with Ebsta.

Katrina Holmes

Hey, I'm the Content Manager at Ebsta responsible for creating and maintaining all the dangerously unfunny web content, blogs and our hip 'n' happening social media presence.

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