I’m pleased to announce that Ebsta will be one of 20 marketplace partners, joining over 500 attendees at Bullhorn Engage (the artist formally known as Bullhorn Live) on June 12th 2015 in beautiful Boston.The intense 3 day conference is aimed at staffing and sales leaders looking to improve client engagement and increase new business.  The Engage 2015 agenda for has been divided into three targeted tracks; differentiate to win, engage candidates and engage employees, and delegates will have the choice of attending over 35 workshops and sessions.

Keynote speakers for Engage 2015

Ryan Estis, Business Performance Consultant and Keynote Speaker.

Ryan says his purpose is to unleash human potential and inspire breakthrough performance through progressive learning. Ryan was recently recognized as “one of the best keynote speakers ever heard” alongside Tony Robbins and Bill Gates, so I am very keen to hear Ryan’s keynote. No pressure Ryan, no pressure.

Art PapasFounder and CEO of Bullhorn

Art co-founded Bullhorn in 1999 so if you’re looking for the latest news update from Bullhorn; he’ll be the person to announce it!

Joanie CourtneySenior Vice President of Global Market Insights at Monster Worldwide

Joanie is responsible for for carrying out global market research and advancing Monster’s customer engagement strategy. Joanie is an expert when it comes to talking about the job market and workplace trends, so I’m certain that her keynote will be significant and of substance.

Be sure to say hello!

Brooke Weinberg and Dev Rubin will be showing off all the new features of Ebsta on our stand, so make sure you come and say hello. If you are an Ebsta customer attending the event please let us us know so we can set up a time to see you.

About Ebsta for Bullhorn

As one of the leading Bullhorn Marketplace providers, Ebsta seamlessly integrates Bullhorn into your day-to-day activities, allowing you to view and update company data from anywhere without interruption. It’s heavily geared toward recruiters and business development reps who spend a good amount of time sourcing candidates or researching prospects in LinkedIn and job boards. Our app dramatically increases the number of activities, notes and records added to Bullhorn, and ensures that staff are always aware of existing knowledge in Bullhorn when looking at network profiles or resumes found on job boards. Click here to sign up for a no-obligation trial of Ebsta for Bullhorn


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As part of the marketing team at Ebsta, I help write and publish our online content. From Slideshares to blog posts and tweets, we share our wide knowledge in CRM adoption and sales productivity.

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