Looking for the perfect excuse to extend your stay after Bullhorn Engage?

This post can help you out…

These are our suggestions:

1. Fenway Park

No doubt you have heard of the legendary Fenway Park… Fenway Park is a baseball park located in Boston, Massachusetts near Kenmore Square, it’s the home for the Boston Red Sox, the city’s American League baseball team. Besides baseball games it has been the site of many other sporting and cultural events including professional football games for the Boston Redskins, Boston Yanks, and the Boston Patriots, concerts, soccer and hockey games and political and religious campaigns.


2. Hatch Memorial Shell

If you’re looking for a concert to go to on the weekend the Edward A. Hatch Memorial Shell is the place to go, it’s an outdoor concert venue on the Charles River Esplanade in the Back Bay section of Boston, Massachusetts. The Hatch Shell is used for free concerts most weekends and many weeknights during the summer months. The grass pavilion in front of the stage has no permanent seating though.


3. Cambridge Center roof garden

Looking for a relaxing day in the sun? Well atop a multi-story parking garage in Cambridge’s Kendall Square sits a clandestine garden made up of tulips, trees, and rose bushes galore. Though not as undiscovered as it was a few years back — there’s actual signage now, and a ping-pong table, too — the garden remains the perfect spot for a restorative midday lunch.


4. Blue Hills

The Blue hills provide a great hiking adventure in Boston. Just a few minutes outside of the city proper is a 7,000-acre reservation with 125 miles of resplendent hiking trails. Climb Great Blue Hill and earn an unmatched view of the city skyline


5. Sacco’s Bowl-Haven

I bet you don’t even know what candlepin bowling is, right? It’s unique to New England and parts of Canada. Think much smaller bowling balls and thinner pins it’s a little bit easier and also a little bit harder than 10-pin. Sacco’s is the perfect place to try out this foreign sport, as it gives you the full lane experience plus access to flatbread pizzas and beers delivered right to your lane.


6. Taza Chocolate Factory

Ever tried hipster chocolate? Well Taza  was Boston’s first hipster chocolate, and has since gone national. Take a tour of the 17,000-square-foot facility giving you a primer on stone ground chocolate, including the grinding room and the cocoa nibs from Mexico from which the chocolates are made. The factory store is where the free samples come in.


7. Boston Whale Watching Cruise

Want to become more connected to nature? Boston Harbour Cruises provides an ultimate whale watch experience… You’ll learn about the wildlife from a naturalist guide. The high-speed catamaran helps you save time for other vacation adventures, and you can pack light, as snacks and refreshments are available for onboard purchase.Humpback_stellwagen_edit

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